The last year has been like none we’ve seen before. It has been filled with many uncertainties and hardships. Our nation’s educators had to navigate the evolving school environments, in-person, hybrid, or virtual, and we’d like to acknowledge all of our INCREDIBLE teachers. Throughout all of these challenges, our teachers have shown SUPER strength, endurance, and compassion. While there are never enough ways to show educators our gratitude, we managed to put together several ways to do just that. Let your teacher(s) know that they’re your SUPERHERO. Join us as we thank our nation’s SUPER-Teachers!


Teacher Appreciation Superhero Infographic

Want more ways to thank a SUPER-Teacher?

We have created a customer Teacher Appreciation board on Pinterest. There you’ll find great ideas to share your “thanks” with your teachers this week. Whether your school is attending in-person or virtually, we’ve got SUPERHERO-themed ideas for everyone.

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