District Facts

Location: Cerritos, CA
TK-12 Enrollment: 20,419
Staff: 3,501
Certified: 1,639
Administrators: Not Noted
Facilities/Buildings: 30

Demographics: 45.8% of students in the district reported being Hispanic, 36.4% Asian/Pacific Islander, and 8.4% African American.

Making the enrollment process easy and accessible for a diverse student population.

The Challenge

ABC Unified School District was in search of an enrollment process upgrade; looking specifically for a system that could easily administer and manage the choice and magnet programs available throughout the district.  With a large and diverse student population, school leaders faced the challenge of making sure that this system could accommodate families with both varying technical capabilities as well as a variety of native languages to ensure all students had equitable access to these speciality programs.

The Results:

  • Integrated the existing student information system, allowing staff to pre-populate online applications and save time using previously obtained student data.

  • Increased accessibility of the application process by making it available electronically via computer, tablet, or even smartphone and translated into other languages.

  • Utilized the address look-up feature in order to provide prioritization to applicants based on their home location.

The Solution

  1. Identify enrollment process areas of need within the district and research online platforms.
  2. Integrate and manage student data in one efficient and easily accessible system to streamline the enrollment process.
  3. Communicate effectively with parents and families throughout the process, regardless of their technological capability or native language.
  4. Use real-time data to guide enrollment decisions for speciality programs housed within the district.