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Achievement First (AF), a network of over 30 schools across three states, was struggling with the management of their waitlists, which includes applicants to multiple schools and a dynamic sibling preference that is applied to one sibling when another is offered a seat.  Scot Kerr, Associate Director of External Reporting described the challenge this way, “We manage applications and the lotteries centrally at network support, but schools are individually responsible for enrollment and managing the waitlist.  Previously, we lost all visibility of our enrollment conversion rates once individual class roster spreadsheets were distributed to school staff after the lottery.”  

With SchoolMint, the division of responsibility between the External Relations team and schools is seamless, with network support performing services like application entry, running the lottery and mailing waitlist notifications, while schools focus on family data like approving sibling priorities and offering seats off the waitlist.  Families and schools are benefiting from the instant notification of lottery results, with acceptances flowing in within minutes of publicizing the results.  Kerr concluded that, “SchoolMint gives us an up to the minute view of application status across the 24 schools currently using the system, enabling us to identify where things are going well so that we can learn and improve enrollment conversions across the network.”  AF uses SchoolMint registration packets to schedule post-lottery orientation sessions for families and is currently piloting the student enrollment features of SchoolMint in their Rhode Island schools.

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