California and Tennessee

Using a paper-based system to manage the application, lottery, and waitlist processes for its 38 schools throughout California and Tennessee proved inefficient and time intensive for the Aspire Public Schools’ operations team.

“We were spending valuable time looking through stacks of paper to track down the information we needed,” said Clinton Loo, operations analyst for the charter school system. “This made it hard for us to make data-driven enrollment decisions and communicate to parents in a timely manner.”

SchoolMint’s online system provided a cost-effective solution that made the overall application process more efficient, consistent, and transparent for the administrative team, as well as for families. The staff is now able to easily access student information in real time, make insightful data-based decisions, and let parents know immediately about application timelines, waitlist statuses, and more.

“Because of the successful implementation in year one of the project, we are now using SchoolMint for registration as well,” said Loo. “Across the board, it has really streamlined our operations.”

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