The student application and selection process is often a time consuming and difficult process for any school or school district. This process is often difficult to administer and manage because of the lack of tools and resources for administrative staff for collecting application or enrollment forms and managing student information.

While working with Admissions Directors and Program Coordinators across the country, the Smart Choice team has noticed that most districts or schools have no staff dedicated solely to the application and lottery process for their schools and programs. This leads to other administrators or even educators being pulled into the process, making this task cumbersome, time consuming and off task for many of the people actually executing the application and lottery process.

Lack of staff and a time consuming process is the most popular reason for schools and districts to switch to an online automated system for the application and lottery process. While converting a paper process to an online system seems like a no brainer, many districts and schools have a difficult time getting approval for funds to replace their current process or system with a more efficient one.

Here are a few steps that will make building your case for acquiring online student application, enrollment and lottery management software more efficient.

Step 1: Review Your Team

Think about your current team needed for the application and lottery process. The team may include:

  • Upper administration
  • Program coordinators
  • Educators
  • Clerical Staff
  • Clerical Staff
  • Temp Workers

If temp workers are needed, how many does your school/district hire each application period? What is the cost? Is there a training period for these workers? How much error occurs due to lack of training or accountability?

Step 2: Review Daily Tasks

Think about the tasks that your team members focus on each day throughout the application period. Some of these tasks may include:

  • Manual data entry from paper applications.
  • Fielding application submission, status and process questions from parents.
  • Scheduling auditions, student interviews or testing.
  • Creating reports from the number of applications submitted and providing updates to upper administration about the status of the application and lottery process.

Think about how much time is taken from in-house staff members’ current duties to fulfill the needs of the application process. How many hours do these tasks take temp workers to fulfill?

Step 3: Further Optimize

Think about the other recruiting or admissions tasks that could be completed to enhance your process or programs with the time saved due to an automated process.

  • Efficient reporting and family support
  • Instant and consistent messaging to families
  • More school tours and recruiting fairs

When you take into account the time saved on tasks in Step 2, and consider it will take fewer personnel from Step 1, it’s easy to quantify what automating the entire process can do for your school or district.

You will be able to reduce the need for temp hires and get more accomplished with your in-house staff members, while also giving them back time for their normal jobs!

Presenting these results to your team can turn what seems to be a high price tag for an automated student application and lottery management system, into an actual money and time saver!

See how the School District of Palm Beach County plans to save $100,000 per year by switching to the Smart Choice system.