Running a successful and fair school lottery isn’t easy, especially when that lottery is run manually with paper forms. Schools are expected to randomize student selection, manage weighted priorities, meet enrollment quotas, and keep stacks of paper pushing through congruent processes to meet deadlines. All the while offering families help, transparency, and communication each step of the way. It’s a huge undertaking. One that has many questioning just how equitable the school lottery process is. When school systems automate their application and lottery processes, they ensure efficiency, transparency and equality. See why automation is a win-win for families and staff in this infographic.

When lotteries are run manually, no one wins..

human errors impact data integrity paper lottery forms are inefficient parents want lottery transparency

When we help school systems automate their applications and lotteries, staff time is saved and operational efficiencies are increased. And by eliminating the common pain points that families experience, our solutions improve trust and community engagement – setting schools up for futher enrollment success.

We’ve processed over 1.6 million applications across 6,200 lotteries.

Interested in how automation could improve your school application and lottery process?

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