By: Jon Valant, American Enterprise Institute, November 2014


Once districts have chosen to adopt school choice, they are faced with the difficulty of ensuring that parents are familiar with the different options available. To help address this issue, it is important to understand how these decisions are made and what factors parents value most.

The article puts forth the case that governments and other organizations can help families make good decisions for their children while simultaneously helping school choice marketplaces function in ways that serve society more generally. Successfully designing and disseminating information about schools requires both high-quality data and the ability to present it in ways that encourage people to make use of it when selecting a school.

Summary points:

  • The Boundedly Rational School Chooser
  • What School Choosers Want from Schools
  • Where School Choosers Go for Information
  • Information’s Effects on School Choosers’ Attitudes and Behaviors
  • The Student-Chooser Challenge
  • Considerations for Designing and Disseminating School Information Reports

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