By: James Vaznis, Boston Globe, March 6, 2017


Boston Charter Schools has received a record high of 35,000 applications for the upcoming school year. This is a 169% increase from the 13,000 applications that Boston Charter Schools received in the previous year. Approximately 9,200 students have submitted applications for the next year, meaning each student applied for three to four charter schools.

Marc Kenen, charter association’s director believes that this spike in applications and increase in demand is due to an online system, recently implemented, that provides parents with a better understanding of the schools available from there. Within the online enrollment system, parents are able to fill out one application and select which schools they would like to apply to, as opposed to filling out multiple applications for each school, as they historically have done. The success of the single application mirrors the surge in applications the colleges saw when switching to a common, shared application process. SchoolMint is thrilled to partner with Boston Charter Schools in streamlining their application and lottery process.

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