By Michael Hart, The Journal, August 27, 2015



    • The New York City Charter Center has come to an agreement with SchoolMint to provide an online common application for all charter schools in New York City. The Common Online Charter School application allows parents to complete applications on mobile devices, provides 24-hour customer support, and can send text notifications to monitor the status of applications.


    • Mobile access was a large component in the decision to adopt SchoolMint, considering that many families applying to charter schools in New York City rely on smartphones for daily internet access. Giving families the capability to submit their common applications via mobile devices makes the application process much more accessible and less stressful.


  • SchoolMint will also be helpful in managing the volume of applications that high-performing charter schools receive. These schools often receive many more applications than they can respond to in a given year; SchoolMint will streamline the application process and allow districts to respond to applications more quickly and clearly.


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