By: Melanie Asmar  –  September 19, 2017

District leaders in Denver Public Schools believe that if families are informed about their choices and can enroll their students in the schools that are the best fit, those students will be more successful.  Although Denver remains at the forefront of school choice nationwide, choice participation currently varies by grade level ranging from 73-87%, with participation rates lower among low income families.

To make choice more accessible, the district is planning to change three things about the upcoming school choice process, which will determine where students enroll in 2018-19: 1. Moving the choice process from January to February 2. A new user-friendly, mobile-friendly school search tool, SchoolMint’s School Finder and 3. Eliminating “proof paperwork” as a requirement to participate in school choice

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For more information on how Denver Public Schools is supporting their parent community, watch this webinar, Empowering Parents – School Choice on Parents’ Terms.  And, for information and insights into Family & Community Outreach, read our Chapter Preview from our soon to be released Guide to Strategic Enrollment Management. Finally, for more information on SchoolMint’s School Finder, check out our blog post.

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