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Unite all classes behind one plan. Hero is the answer to school-wide behavior management. Designed for easy use by teachers, administrators, staff, students, and families, Hero unities your entire campus behind one behavior plan. And since it’s highly configurable, it’s ideal for supporting your preferred behavior framework — for the long term.

Behavior Accountability app

Hold Accountable

Create paths for student growth. Hero turns disciplinary instances into effective learning opportunities. By putting clear, schoolwide boundaries in place, you can teach students what’s expected of them – and teach them to be accountable for their actions.

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Enforce All Rules Equally

Because Hero standardizes the consequences for infractions, not only does processing instances become quick and seamless, you’ll establish non-discriminatory practices. Class-to-class equitable discipline policies show students they’re being treated fairly, which fosters trust and respect.

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Recognize the Positive

Disciplining negative behaviors when they occur may work in the short term, but what about in the long run? Positive behavior reinforcement can actually treat an issue at its roots, catalyzing better behavior throughout the whole school.

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Behavior Accountability Hero App


Renaissance Charter School at Pines

Pembroke Pines, Florida

Create more positive student-adult interactions
Incentivize continued positive behavior by recognizing students with points
Utilize real-time data to track and monitor student behavior
Decrease the number of tardies and suspensions

Decrease in Referrals and Suspensions

Concerns? We’ve got answers.

How do you acknowledge and recognize students fairly and equitably?

Equitable practices elevate everyone and deepen student – teacher relationships. Keep track of negative to positive ratios and engage students with our Hero App.

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Student working at desk

Do you know the impact a digital point recognition system can have?

Teaching students about accountability in a tangible, real-world way and recognizing the gains they make can impact academic outcomes and social emotional competency development.

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