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K-12 Strategic
Marketing Solutions

Don’t just manage enrollment, increase it! SchoolMint offers strategic marketing solutions and support specifically for charter schools and organizations. Learn best practices and marketing strategies that will help you attract, enroll, and retain more teachers, students, and families.



First, we run a full set of diagnostics and analyses on your school or CMO to uncover areas for improvement. Learn what is not running optimally so you can prioritize resources and address immediately. Don’t just address the symptoms; fix the problems.

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Great schools and great charter organizations have a strategy. Every player on the team is important – from administration to staff to teachers – and each one represents the face of your school or organization daily. Learn and implement strategies to maximize your impact and increase student success.

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Personalized Guidance

While diagnostics give us the data, you still need to figure out what it means and where to go from there. SchoolMint offers consultative enrollment support and personalized marketing guidance to empower your team to implement a strategy that helps you increase enrollment year over year.

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Marketing Strategy to Boost Enrollment

K-6 Indianapolis Charter School

Full marketing audit revealed a challenge with parent perception
Developed strategy to share compelling stories with parents in the community
Improved overall perception and increased enrollment 27%

“ The school has maxed out their facility and is maintaining waiting lists for several grades.”

Concerns? We’ve got answers.

Enrollment Coaching

SchoolMint experts will coach your team on marketing and enrollment best practices and provide you with easy-to-implement steps to take your enrollment numbers from where you are now to where you want to be.

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Proven Marketing Strategies

Marketing is a science. And doing it effectively can be very time consuming and expensive. Learn marketing strategies that will take your enrollment numbers to the next level… and keep them there!

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