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Simply and easily design and configure lotteries. Our secure algorithm is uniquely configured for each school based on their preferences. Balance various lottery quotas, preferences, rules, timelines, and seat availability to generate transparent, accurate outcomes. Accurately assign seats, once and for all!

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Configure multiple lotteries by school or grade, with different priorities, weights, quotas, timelines, and align seat availability. Straightforward to complex — support even the most challenging policy requirements.

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Selection & Placement

Build community faith with a fair and transparent process. Parents and guardians know the status of each application, administrators and staff easily fill seats with qualified students using smart waitlist technology.

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Audit Reports

Protect the integrity of the entire process.

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CMO Reaped Reward: Automated School Lottery, Gained Actionable Data Insights

Achievement First – Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York

Centralize process across all schools, maintain school level autonomy
Improve visibility into enrollment data to drive system-wide decisions
Enable real-time family notifications and communications

Integrated Lottery and Waitlist Solution

Concerns? We’ve got answers.

How do you ensure a fair and equitable lottery and placement for all students?

Implement an online system to provide equitable processes including randomize student selection, manage waitlist priorities, meet grade and school quotas and more!

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Student Lottery text notification

How do you communicate placement decisions with parents/guardians?

Automate placement offers and waitlist notifications. Send email or text (SMS) messages for status and waitlist movement updates. Ensure a transparent enrollment communication strategy.

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Lottery Management by SchoolMint facilitates fairness and equity in some of the nation’s top charter schools:

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