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Universal application. Single application. Common application.

However you refer to it, MultApply helps you do it. MultApply takes the different applications that different schools in a city are using and combines them into one, centralized common online application. By standardizing the dates, questions, and documents, MultApply reduces paperwork and application complexities and gets your school(s) in front of more families – multiplying participation rates.

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The flexible design makes it easy to customize and create an application that meets your exact needs.

Schools have the autonomy to decide how to use MultApply. One school may choose to use it to gather applications, run lotteries, and manage offers, while another school may use it just to gather applications through the shared platform, then handle lotteries and offers on their own. And participating schools can commit to a single acceptance policy, or not.

From submitting forms to document uploads to accepting offers, families can do it all from a mobile device. Increase equity and access for high-risk populations with an online process.

Gain positive exposure for more schools while giving families a comprehensive view of their options. Eliminate the burdens families face when applying to multiple schools, replacing complexities with a quick and simple process.

Make sure you’ve configured your priorities correctly by running as many test lotteries as you like in a completely secure, sandbox environment. Provide documentation with a complete audit trail.

Reduce the time, energy, and paperwork by streamlining the application and admission process. Greater visibility establishes a pathway for increased family participation.


One Application to Unite Them All: Organization Aids Schools with Centralized Enrollment System

Kansas City, Missouri

Use data to assist under-enrolled schools identify new students
Optimize process for use with mobile phones & desktop
Advance timeline for increased stability in enrollment numbers
Improve Family Access & Communication

Of Applicants in the First 4 Months Represented Ethnicities Other than Caucasian
Schools Served on One Platform

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