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Going digital with student registration is good for so many reasons – including time, resources, and money. Did you know switching from paper enrollment could save you thousands of dollars? When one school with 1000 students switches to online registration, their ROI is nearly $14,000 in the first year alone.

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Get accurate and complete forms the first time with help from autofilled fields and smart forms that can require certain questions to be answered before packets are submitted.

No more paper packets and manual data entry. SchoolMint’s online platform makes student registration easy, accurate, and manageable. By making the paper process digital, it’s easier for parents to complete and submit forms and admins to track and manage status. And with a 99.9% uptime, you can rely on SchoolMint to keep your registration process going strong.

Dashboards let you view all your registration data in real-time. See all new and returning students. Track registration status and watch as students move through the process.

SchoolMint can integrate with your Student Information System (SIS), ensuring student data is up-to-date, correct, and safe and secure.

From any mobile device, parents can set up an account with a phone number and begin to register their child. Complete and submit forms, upload documents, RSVP to events, and even make payments! Multiple children? No problem. SchoolMint lets you manage them all in one account. They can even set notification preferences so you know how they prefer to communicate with you (text message or email) and in what language (we support several).

“Having all the data in one place has been the most revolutionizing aspect for us as we can now easily manage students’ application statuses, trigger registrations, and communicate with parents. The systems’ user friendliness has also benefited families who are seeking admissions to our schools, enabling them to easily access an application online, view their child’s application status in real time, and also to complete registration forms online.”

Jesika Anthony, Special Projects Coordinator, Uncommon Schools
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Golden View Classical Academy Upgrades its K-12 Student Registration System

Golden, Colorado

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Facilitate improved family communication
Save critical resources: time & money

Year One Increase in Enrollment
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