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Teacher Coaching & Development Features

Strengthen and support growth opportunities for teachers and leaders. Provide individualized support and feedback. SchoolMint’s Teacher Coaching and Development platform (formerly Whetstone Education) brings teachers and coaches together in one place to share feedback, reflect, and collaborate on instruction.

Class Observation Hero App

Coaches can observe teachers and give real-time feedback right from a laptop or mobile device. And with fully customizable rubrics and forms, you can upload or build exactly the Upload or build whatever rubrics or forms you’re using.

Take time-stamped notes and give quick, informal feedback. Kinda like a digital post-it note… but better!

Set goals and assign action steps to help teachers continually grow and improve over time. The action step and goal manager make it easy for coaches to assign and share action steps with teachers, track mastery, and measure growth.

Track and manage teacher growth over time. See what action steps teachers are working on and where they’re struggling so you can better support teachers and deliver targeted, personalized professional development. Need data for end of year reporting? The robust reporting engine makes it easy to pull evaluation data and report out.

Record and reflect on classroom instruction using the mobile video app. Securely share videos and feedback with peers, coaches, or PLC groups, take time-stamped notes, reflect and grow.

Built-in tools enable lesson planning collaboration between teachers and coaches, turning a historically compliance-based activity into a collaborative, iterative approach.

Sync to your external Google or Outlook calendar to see all events in the same place. Easily schedule meetings, observations, and other feedback activities in advance from all parts of the platform.

“Our team is loving Whetstone. This is holding us accountable for observing, and sparking all kinds of conversations with teachers outside of the platform.”

Ashley Martin, CAO, Veritas Preparatory Academy

“Whetstone’s API allows us to pull an entire year’s worth of data on all 500 of our teachers instantaneously. During peak reporting times, we know that we can pull data quickly without any downtime on our database. Compared to the 20+ academic and accountability systems I interact with on a daily basis, Whetstone is the only one that seems to have planned data extraction and analysis into its product development.”

Eric Dupre, Data Analytics Specialist, KIPP: New Orleans School

“Whetstone is a streamlined, efficient and powerful tool to enhance instruction and student success without impacting already strained budgets. The communication flow of useful data assures a collaborative approach to actionable instructional coaching, whether virtual or on campus. Whetstone’s all in one place, time stamped options directly connect to your school’s evaluation model and customize options to meet your school’s unique growth needs.”

Stacy Knudson, Eddyville Charter School, Eddyville, OR
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Creating a Culture of Feedback

Jean Childs Young Middle School, Atlanta Public Schools

Centralize teacher and leader feedback in one place
Build instructional capacity among teachers
Create a feedback culture that results in improved instruction

“We are building a culture of success grounded in feedback… I’m encouraged by the results we are seeing.”

Kara Stimpson, Principal, Young Middle School
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