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For every teacher and every leader. Everywhere. Every day. SchoolMint’s Coaching and Development platform gives you one digital home to support, manage, and scale instructional capacity across your district.

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Quick feedback. Time-stamped notes. Customizable rubrics and forms. Personalized action steps. Give, get, and manage it all in one place. Ready to go whether you’re doing in-person, hybrid, or virtual learning.

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Share, reflect, and discuss feedback. Review lesson plans. Record and share videos. Create goals and manage progress. Targeted, effective, data-driven coaching for teachers and leaders.

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Built-in, real-time reporting. Track and manage progress. Analyze trends. Facilitate ongoing teacher and leader growth and development.

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Creating a Culture of Feedback

Jean Childs Young Middle School, Atlanta Public Schools

Centralize teacher and leader feedback in one place
Build instructional capacity among teachers
Create a feedback culture that results in improved instruction

“We are building a culture of success grounded in feedback… I’m encouraged by the results we are seeing.”

Kara Stimpson, Principal, Young Middle School

Concerns? We’ve got answers.

Customizable Rubrics to Support your Coaching Initiative

SchoolMint’s easy-to-use customizable interface lets you turn on the features you want and turn off the rest. Easily build or import rubrics, give feedback, record video, submit and review lesson plans, and so much more.

Teacher coaching forms
Teacher feedback

Improve teacher efficacy. Increase student achievement.

Provide teachers the individualized support and feedback they need to be successful. Set and share growth goals, track and manage progress over time, and communicate and celebrate success. Because every student deserves a great teacher.

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Classroom Observation by SchoolMint is powering feedback initiatives in some of the nation’s top districts:

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