District Facts

Location: Cleveland, OH
K-12 Enrollment: 37,701
Staff: Not Noted
Certified: Not Noted
Administrators: Not Noted
Facilities/Buildings: 103

Demographics: 64.1% of students in the district reported being Black/African American, 16.3% Hispanic/Latino, and 15.4% White. 8.1% reported being English Language Learners (ELL).  100% of students reported being economically disadvantaged.

Streamlined K-12 School Choice Opens Doors For Students.

The Challenge

Cleveland Metropolitan School District was in search of a new way to manage its school choice program. The current system was complex and unintuitive for families, resulting in choices being made inconsistently and too often overlooking needs and interests of students.

The Results (Quote):

“It has informed our system-level thinking and allowed us to better manage our high volume of application data and provide timely communications to our parents. It will also be an important asset as we roll out the school choice program with our charter schools in the future.”

Kevin Alin, Executive Director of School Choice and Enrollment for Cleveland Metropolitan School District
  • Fully integrated system to manage the choice, selection, matching, waitlist, and registration processes.

  • Intuitive design and ease of accessibility provided a more user-friendly process for families to smoothly navigate.

  • Informed system-level processes in order to better maintain and utilize the high volume of incoming data to not only inform families, but inform future K-12 enrollment decisions as well.

The Solution

  1. Identify areas of system deficiencies and needs of staff and families.
  2. Employ an online K-12 enrollment system platform to manage all parts of the student enrollment process.
  3. Utilize real-time data to keep schools and families informed and maintain lines of communication.
  4. Expand the process with new growth to integrate new schools and students into the system in the future.