Streamlined School Choice Opens Doors for Students

Cleveland, Ohio

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) school choice program had been complex and clunky for parents and its administrative team because technology was not being used to fully manage the choice, selection, matching, waitlist, and registration processes. School choices were being made in inconsistent ways without access to complete information, and assignments often ignored the needs and interests students noted on their applications.

“Running a school choice program for more than 30,000 families is untenable without technology,” said Kevin Alin, the district’s executive director of school choice and enrollment. “We required an external partner to help us develop a centralized data clearinghouse to support informed school choice here in Cleveland.”

SchoolMint provided an integrated end-to-end system that allowed the district to effectively and efficiently manage its school choice program. “SchoolMint really represented a number of value propositions we were seeking, especially an intuitive design and an all-in-one solution,” said Alin. “It has informed our system-level thinking and allowed us to better manage our high volume of application data and provide timely communications to our parents. It will also be an important asset as we roll out the school choice program with our charter schools in the future.”

To get a closer look at tools which can improve the family school choice experience and increase participation in school choice programs, view this webinar recording.

Cleveland Metropolitan School District Case Study Information

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