Issue Brief from The Evidence Project at the Center on Reinventing Public Education

By: Betheny Gross, Michael De Armond, and Patrick Denice, CRPE,

Families in many portfolio districts can choose from a variety of charter and district schools for their children. But to make these choices, parents often must fill out multiple application forms and navigate schools that may have different requirements, deadlines, and selection preferences such as sibling attendance or proximity to the school. Once parents complete the applications and schools make offers, some families receive multiple offers and often hold on to them until the last minute, while other families receive few or no offers, remaining on waitlists well into the fall. Not only is this process difficult for families, it favors families with the time and knowledge to navigate its inherent complexities.

Summary points:

  • What is a common enrollment system?
  • Which cities are operating common enrollment systems?
  • How can cities customize common enrollment systems?
  • Impact to date
  • Common Enrollment is just one piece of the puzzle

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