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Application Management Features

Streamlined. Paperless. Painless. Easily track and manage all aspects of the student application process with Application Management by SchoolMint.

Initiate and manage all aspects of the student application process including document uploads, e-signatures, and status tracking. Simple and streamlined for parents. Centralized, insightful data for admins.

Build and design applications that match your needs (Transfers, Magnets/Choice Programs, etc.) with the robust form builder. Create new forms. Add custom fields. And test and validate to be sure everything is working and ready for families.

Powerful, customized dashboards. Real-time reporting. Track and manage applicant data throughout the application process. Fully auditable.

Complete and submit applications for multiple children to multiple schools. Upload documents. E-sign. Track status. From any mobile device in any language.

Reach and engage families efficiently. Communicate updates and applicant status changes via text message or email. In the parent’s language of choice.

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“Having all the data in one place has been the most revolutionizing aspect for us as we can now easily manage students’ application statuses, trigger registrations, and communicate with parents. The systems’ user friendliness has also benefited families who are seeking admissions to our schools, enabling them to easily access an application online, view their child’s application status in real time, and also to complete registration forms online.”

Jesika Anthony, Special Projects Coordinator, Uncommon Schools
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Student Acquisition and Retention Scaled During Pandemic

Guilford County Schools, North Carolina

Migrate Paper Process to Online Platform for 120+ schools
Respond to Unexpected and Unforeseen Circumstances
Shift Focus to Serving Families

“The goal was to increase access and address parent concerns that the process is fair. Having an online system goes a long way to establish that.”

Scott McCully, Senior Director, Student Assignment
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