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Bring applications online. Simplify application completion for families and application gathering for choice, open enrollment, magnet programs, and student transfers. Turn application data insights into action.

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Securely Gather

Customize application steps, sequences and forms. Parents/guardians utilize a single sign on account to submit applications and access a communication portal for real-time status updates.

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Deliver Access Equity

Mobile phone and multilingual access improves the experience for non-native English speakers and helps schools better meet compliance and civil rights obligations.

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Anytime Web & Mobile Access for Families

Every stage of the family experience, from accessing applications to document uploads to accepting placements, is designed to be done with just a cell phone number — ensuring all families can participate.

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Student Acquisition and Retention Scaled During Pandemic

Guilford County Schools, North Carolina

Migrate Paper Process to Online Platform for 120+ schools
Respond to Unexpected and Unforeseen Circumstances
Shift Focus to Serving Families

“The goal was to increase access and address parent concerns that the process is fair. Having an online system goes a long way to establish that.”

Scott McCully, Senior Director, Student Assignment

Concerns? We’ve got answers.

How do you manage and adapt to evolving application requirements?

Application Management by SchoolMint offers a highly configurable and flexible system developed with a decade of experience working in lockstep with some of our nation’s largest school districts.

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How do you keep families up to date on the status of their applications?

The Application Management by SchoolMint parent/guardian communication portal provides access to the status of submitted applications, notification of important dates or updates, and notes from school administrators about their student application(s).

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Application Management by SchoolMint is powering the enrollment process in some of the nation’s top districts:

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