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Behavior Accountability Features

Accountability. Responsibility. And a drive to do what’s right. These are the life skills that can be taught in school – with tools that improve student behavior. SchoolMint’s Behavior Accountability platform lets you do just that. Improve student behavior. Transform school culture. Empower educators – day in and day out – to be the positive change.

Students excel with clear expectations. Recognize good choices. Reward positive behavior. Improve student-teacher relations. Track points, collect data, and record positive behaviors and students meeting expectations.

Know how your behavior program results are trending over time and get a clear picture of the overall impact on school climate. By highlighting intervention opportunities across behavior actions, Behavior Accountability helps keep you on track to reach your goals. Measuring the impact of student behavior gives you direction to lead change and the confidence to communicate with stakeholders what behavior programs are actually driving results.

MTSS, SEL, RTI, PBIS, Restorative Practices, College & Career Readiness, Chronic Absenteeism. SchoolMint provides a framework for implementing your important initiatives. And all behaviors are uniquely configured to align with your school’s discipline practices.

School-wide behavior initiatives consistent in every classroom. Improved student accountability. Increased opportunities for coaching and counseling. Create the mindshift to rewarding positive instead of punishing negative.

Send parents notifications of issues related to their child. Increase family engagement. Bridge the communication gap between school and home and enlist more participants in student success.

Behavior Accountability Hero App

“Hero allows us to celebrate our students on a regular basis within each classroom, and now, students feel appreciated.”

Jessica Hedley and Kelly McManus, Middle School Teachers, MLK Junior Middle School, Charlotte, NC

“I’ve been doing this work for 23 years. There’s no doubt in my mind that Hero has been a major contributor to all that is positive at Lyons Creek Middle School.”

Horace Hamm, Principal, Lyons Creek Middle School

“Our focus on improving school culture is paying off. Teachers report fewer behavioral problems, disciplinary referral rates have dropped, and more parents are choosing Finger Lake for their children’s education.”

Susan Steele, Principal, Finger Lake Elementary
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Using Social Learning to Improve Student Outcomes

Ceres, California

Acknowledge and incentivize students to display correct behaviors
Utilize a tangible points system for reinforcement
Increase in-class time through the use of an automated tracking process for students who are tardy or absent
Promote social learning through peer support, with students positively holding each other accountable

Change in Suspension Rate
Of Teachers Implementing Supportive Learning Practices
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