What’s paper registration costing you?

Calculate your Registration Return on Investment

How many schools are in your district or system?




How many registration packets does your district or system send out each year?





Cost of allocating staff to prepare packets: $----.--

Cost of printing packets: $----.--

Cost of mailing packets: $----.--

Cost of allocating staff to follow-up with parents & edit/review data: $----.--

Uncover Your Full ROI Today

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Every year, paper registration costs you $----.--

And your families spend 2 hours completing paper registration forms.

In just your first year with SchoolMint, you could save $----.--

Paper printing and mailing costs are eliminated. Total staff time to prepare, review, and validate each packet is reduced by 1.5 hours.

That's a return on investment of: --%

This is just the start to your savings. Contact us to uncover your full ROI with SchoolMint.

Paper costs add up.

Paper, printers, and ink fees. Stamps, envelopes, and mailers. All of these costs add up. And when your staff spends days sorting through paper packets, that costs the district or school time, too.

When you take the process online, registration can be done in a matter of minutes. That’s days of staff time you’re freeing up. And the thousands of dollars you’d spend on paper can now be better spent.

Online registration costs less.

Think a shiny new online process sounds expensive? Think again. SchoolMint’s online registration and re-enrollment tools can actually cost much less than paper registration.

See for yourself. With the calculator above, enter the number of schools you manage and the amount of registration packets you annually create to determine what paper registration is really costing you.

Save Time & Money

In large districts and school systems, online registration can actually pay for itself – and then some – in the first year. Plus, online registration is a time saver for families, too. It turns an arduous process that might take them hours into a user-friendly experience that’s finished in a few minutes flat.