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Tardy Improvement Features

Hero® Ready

Partial attendance affects every middle and high school in America. SchoolMint Tardy Improvement (formerly Hero Ready) streamlines the process by bringing everything online and eliminates the paper and pencil tasks associated with tardy passes. Maximize classroom learning by getting students to class as quickly as possible.

Tardy dashboard

Quickly scan and print passes for students who are tardy from anywhere on campus.  Available in browser or in app. Take your system with you wherever you go. Get students checked in and off to class as quickly as possible with multiple mobile tardy stations. Minimize class distractions and hold students accountable.

Track student entry/exit and manage early sign out. Whether its dual enrollment, tech school participation, customized scheduling, or just getting students into class and learning asap. SchoolMint makes it easy to hold students accountable.

Curb tardiness, absenteeism and other minor infractions (think: dress code violations, skipping class, no ID, and improper smartphone usage) through redirection and reinforcement of positive behavior.

Send parents notifications when students are tardy or absent. Bridge the communication gap between school and home and enlist more participants in student success.

Use data and dashboards to track tardiness (and other infractions), uncover trends, and reward improvement.

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One District’s Winning Strategy to reduce Suspensions and Chronic Absenteeism

Cicero School District No. 99, Metropolitan Chicago, Illinois

Establish expectations and behavioral goals in all classrooms for students
Implement consistent and logical corrective responses to address and improve student behavior
Leverage behavioral data across a variety of teams to make decisions

Decrease in Students with 1 or More Referrals
Decrease in Students with 1 or More Suspension Days
Decrease in Students with 15+ Days of Absences
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