The era of students defaulting to one assigned neighborhood school is on the decline. Parents are now empowered to choose a school from among multiple options.  Family empowerment in a choice environment only exists with equitable access to school information, clear information on school options and application procedures, and a commitment to family support throughout the process.

Join Camden Enrollment and Denver Public Schools as they discuss their journey to increase parent participation in their district’s school selection and enrollment process. Get into the nuts and bolts of how these districts are engaging their parents to select the schools that best fit their children.

Discussion Topics:

  • Creating awareness in schools, programs, and enrollment policies
  • Educating families about school options
  • Identifying and overcoming barriers to school selection
  • Putting parent service and support into action
  • Engaging external and internal stakeholders

Target Audience:

This webinar is geared toward administrators in school system which offer some form of choice – from intra/inter-district transfers to magnet schools and other programs, to an integrated, unified enrollment system.

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