Genny Orr, Product Marketing Manager

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The K12 Student Enrollment Process Starts with Outreach

In a field of greater school choices and increased competition, districts and schools are grappling with important questions regarding the student enrollment process. How can we highlight the strengths of our schools and programs? How can we keep families informed about our school outreach events? What’s the best way to communicate with prospective parents before they formally enroll their children? And most importantly… how can we nurture positive relationships with families from the very outset?

There’s no silver bullet. However, a thoughtful approach to Family Outreach & Marketing can help families to learn about and access better information about their school choices. Meanwhile, district and school administrators can showcase their school and program offerings, deliver a more positive family experience, and gain critical insight into their recruitment and enrollment goals.

Manage K12 School Outreach Events and RSVPs

Open houses, school fairs, and other outreach events provide an important opportunity for schools and families to get to know one another, particularly in the context of school choice and open enrollment. SchoolMint’s Events Management tool allows district and school administrators to schedule and manage all of these events in one place, track RSVPs in real time, and send text and email communications to prospective families.

Connect with Prospective Families Before they Enroll

One of the challenges that many schools face is a lack of visibility into how families are thinking about their school options before they make a final decision. SchoolMint’s Interest Tracker was designed to allow districts and schools to connect with prospective families early in their school exploration process. By collecting families’ contact information and school preferences upfront, schools are able to reach them via email or text message leading to and through the enrollment process. The Interest Tracker also includes powerful reporting for administrators to track and evaluate the impact of their outreach and recruitment efforts.

Provide Families with Accessible, Transparent Information 

Supporting families with richer, more accessible information is at the heart of school outreach. But with so much information in so many places, what’s the best way for districts and schools to share it? SchoolMint enables districts and charter organizations to profile their schools and programs — together with other information about their enrollment processes — from a go-to information hub. The School Finder allows families to learn about their neighborhood schools and research choice schools and programs with user-friendly search tool and map. Having access to this information, on their mobile devices or laptops and in their native language, helps to ensure that every family is equipped to make the best school decisions for their child.

INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE ABOUT DEVELOPING AN INTEGRATED MARKETING AND OUTREACH PLAN? Watch our webinar recording, Effective Family Outreach to Kick-Start Your Enrollment Process, for a close-up look at tools to expand your reach to more families, empower families to make more informed decisions, and help you stand out in a field of greater choices. 

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