Accurately forecasting student enrollment for the coming school year drives successful fiscal planning. Knowing how many applications are complete, how many are in process, and what neighborhoods are seeing a decline can guide future staffing and marketing efforts. Districts seeking to measure the impact of their marketing and outreach programs will find real-time enrollment data to be an invaluable tool for measuring ROI. The SchoolMint application conversion funnel provides a complete view of families flowing through your application process. See how full funnel visibility is helping bolster student enrollment.

Forecast future enrollment to maximize your recruiting efforts

See where you’re losing families in the application flow

So you can react in real-time

When you see early on that you’re not meeting enrollment goals, you have time to ramp up recruitment efforts before it’s too late. This level of visibility helps keep your application process flowing smoothly. For applications that are stalled, send bulk messages that encourage completion and help your families meet key deadlines.


Know where your applications are in the process and if you are meeting goals

Predict how many students will show up

Better enrollment forecasting leads to more accurate budgets. When you know how many students are enrolled, you can make better data-driven staffing decisions for next year. This full-funnel data allows you to verify recruitment efforts are paying off or allocate additional marketing funds to drive interest in your schools.


See where choice trends and student populations are shifting


Looking for transparency and accuracy in a data-backed enrollment process?


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