Form Builder by SchoolMint is a smart and powerful tool that simplifies registration and enrollment forms for schools and families.

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Saves time

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Ensures completeness & accuracy

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Pre-populates with SIS data

Intelligent Fields always know what to ask

When schools use Form Builder to create their registration forms, they can use Intelligent Fields. These smart fields determine what questions to ask each family, based on what your system already knows about a student’s specific school/grade or previously entered data. They adapt to only ask families what’s relevant to them, simplifying the process and aiding in full completion. And our Form Builder is so user-friendly, setting up these Intelligent Fields is a breeze.

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Fill one & done

Schools can also use Form Builder to add Single Entry fields. These save families time by asking them to enter basic info like names and addresses only once. Form Builder then auto-fills those fields across all the family’s paperwork. And it eliminates the potential for families to make mistakes, ensuring data accuracy too.

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Complex form? There’s a Flex Field for that.

Within Form Builder, schools can add standard fields that pre-populate with SIS data. But they can also design whatever they need with Flex Fields. Save time customizing a pre-built template or easily design one from scratch using adjustable text boxes, multiple choice, checkboxes, dropdowns, rankings, and e-signature fields. Fields can be required for parents, which promotes completion.

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Whatever your area needs

Low-income families with limited resources? Multiple languages spoken at home? Form Builder is highly customizable and can build forms and multi-page registration packets that are completely tailored to your area’s specific needs.

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Language Translation

Translate forms into another language with the click of a button.

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Address Validation

Automatically validate home addresses and prompt families to auto-complete with a properly formatted USPS address.

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Mobile-friendly Access & Uploads

Ensure families without computers can access forms from mobile devices. And add required or optional file uploads to any form, which families can do via mobile in minutes.


Endless Packet Possibilities

Combine as many forms as needed into registration or re-enrollment packets (including waivers, health, and income verifications). Customize these packets by school and/or grade level.

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