Charter Facts

Location: Golden, CO
K-12 Enrollment: 708
Staff: 60+
Certified: 40+
Administrators: 10
Facilities/Buildings: Not Noted

Demographics: 83% of students in the school reported being White and 8% Hispanic. 7.3% of students reported being economically disadvantaged.

Golden View Classical Academy Upgrades its K-12 Student Registration System

The Challenge

With K-12 enrollment trending up and growth on the horizon, Golden View Classical Academy was ready to upgrade to a new student registration system to meet their growing needs. Past systems had been unsatisfactory, with a lack of customer support and user-friendly features, so staff began the search for a new platform to bring it all together seamlessly.

The Results (Data Points):

Increase in Enrollment
  • Build enrollment packets online to fit the ever changing needs of schools and keep processes up to date.

  • Keep notes on individual student applications in order to track and problem solve in real time.

  • Opened up clear lines of communication with families that go beyond just enrollment information and allow for instant feedback.

  • Positive family experiences for each step of the process, including: clarity of forms, speed of completion, and follow up communications.

  • Save critical resources, time, money, and stress to allow staff to focus more on students and families.

The Solution

  1. Implement an online K-12 enrollment system customized to meet the needs of schools.
  2. Provide adequate training to school leaders and outreach to families in order to facilitate engagement.
  3. Track students through the process using real-time information to make decisions and follow up with families.
  4. Employ insightful data to guide future student enrollment and marketing decisions to continue growth into the future.

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