District Facts

Location: Brooksville, FL
K-12 Enrollment: 22,973
Staff: approx. 3,100
Certified: 1,643 *Noted on district website as # of teachers
Administrators: Not Noted
Facilities/Buildings: 29

Demographics: 62.1% of students in the district reported being White, 22.6% Hispanic, and 7.7% African American. 2.5 % reported being English Language Learners (ELL).  82.6% of students reported being economically disadvantaged.

How One Florida District is Managing School Choice Policy Changes With Ease

The Challenge

With new legislation centered around open enrollment coming into effect and an antiquated and labor-intensive data process,  Hernando County School District needed to overhaul their entire K-12 enrollment infrastructure. The district needed a way to streamline their processes, provide transparency, and obtain insightful data to not only comply with the new law, but also guide their future enrollment efforts.

The Results (Data Points):

Amount of manpower saved by eliminating manual data entry
  • With an online system, families are able to apply and upload enrollment documents, which nearly eliminates the need for any manual data entry.

  • In compliance with state laws, the district is now able to easily report data with real-time enrollment numbers.

  • Families are able to create accounts and apply in their native language, allowing the district to reach more families than ever before.

The Solution

  1. Identify areas of K-12 enrollment deficiencies.
  2. Manage data and processes through the use of an online platform.
  3. Expand this centralized process to all schools and provide adequate training to school administration.
  4. Utilize real-time data to guide future enrollment decisions.