District Facts

Location: Houston, TX
PreK-12 Enrollment: 210,061
Staff: 26,966
Certified: 11,531 Teachers
Administrators: 711 Principals/Asst. Principals/Deans
Facilities/Buildings: 280

Demographics: 62.52% of students in the district reported being Hispanic, 22.74% Black/African American, and 9.03% White. 14.71 % reported being English Language Learners (ELL). 79.14% of students reported being economically disadvantaged.

Planning for the future: Transitioning to a new and more efficient enrollment process.

The Challenge

Houston Independent School District is known throughout the region for its magnet school programs and opportunities in general for students. As the largest school district in Texas, Houston ISD manages thousands of applications every year which can be a burden on staff and parents as well without a smooth and efficient process. The district was looking for a way to transition it’s enrollment process to an easily accessible online system that would benefit the district for years to come.

The Results (Data Points):

Increase in Applications from Previous Years
  • Utilized full student information system integration in order to pre-population online applications using student data already on hand.

  • Extended the application process to parents essentially anytime, anywhere via computer, tablet, or even smartphone.

  • Translated applications, notifications, and other essential information in order to give full access to all families.

  • Enabled real-time notifications allowing parents and students to stay informed of their enrollment status at all times and maintain lines of communication.

The Solution

  1. Research online enrollment systems to meet the needs of the district.
  2. Integrate and manage student data and enrollment processes in one efficient and easily accessible system.
  3. Communicate effectively with parents and families throughout the process.
  4. Employ real-time data to guide enrollment decisions for the future.