In New Orleans, enrollment for the city’s top charter schools can be a complicated and taxing process. Registration occurs almost a year before the next school year starts, and parents must keep track of a list of complicated deadlines and requirements.

The parent interviewed in this article (among many others) faced difficulties in navigating the New Orleans application and enrollment process. After already moving her daughter once out of the brand new school to which she was originally assigned, she is still working to find a more academically rigorous school for her child, rather than just settling for “pretty good.”

According to this article, despite New Orleans having a “free choice” school system, in reality options can be limited. There are complex admissions tests, and admissions are not always determined based on a fair, lottery-based system. It would be beneficial for many parents and their children to have a more transparent and accessible school enrollment process.

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Watch this recorded webinar to learn more about how cities and school districts are automating choice and student matching to increase participation and make the application process more equitable.

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