As families have a growing number of school options to choose from, the stakes associated with student enrollment are increasing. As a result, schools nationwide are focused on optimizing their end-to-end student enrollment process, beginning with outreach and marketing to make a positive first impression on families, and continuing on to expanding equity and access with a simplified application and registration process.

View our infographic below for tips on how SchoolMint can help optimize your student enrollment process to expand equity and access within your community and increase operational efficiency. 6 Tips to Optimize Your Enrollment Flow Infographic

READY TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP AND TRANSFORM YOUR END-TO-END STUDENT ENROLLMENT PROCESS?  Watch our webinar, Reinventing Student Registration Management, for close-up look at how streamlining and automating the K12 enrollment management process eases the burden for families and staff, increases efficiency, and improves data visibility.

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