District Facts

  • Location: Atlanta, GA area
  • K-12 Enrollment: 5,100 students
  • Schools: 11

Demographics: For each schools’ demographic information, as reported by the National Center for Educational Statistics, click here.

Increased Teacher Capacity and Improved Student Outcomes by Implementing Coaching and Development Platform

The Challenge

KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools is located in the Atlanta area and has a network of ten public charter schools and one district partnership school. Creating a consistent approach to coaching, professional development, and evaluation across all schools was a high priority. KIPP leaders had tried using spreadsheets, folders, and other online tools to manage and monitor observations and feedback, but there was little cohesion in standards and expectations, reporting was difficult, and upkeep was extremely labor-intensive. In managing such a large network, the Deputy Head of Schools-Leadership, Dwight Ho-Sang, said they needed a “more efficient monitoring system.” KIPP Metro Atlanta sought an online, centralized hub to manage classroom observations, provide feedback, track progress, and see trends.  

The Solution

 The first step was incorporating the Relay approach to coaching and development. This gave the charter organization a streamlined standard for observations. Next, they used a gradual integration of SchoolMint’s customizable teacher coaching and development tool to support the Relay methods in their schools. Administrators encouraged the adoption of the system with friendly competitions around system usage, “Collaborative Coaching Conversations” in meetings, and increased data transparency—which created natural fidelity through a sense of accountability with system usage. 

Because the [SchoolMint] team was so familiar with the Relay framework, it was seamless to adopt both the [SchoolMint] platform and the [Relay] practices. It made it easy for users to adopt.” 

Ben Cabeza , Managing Director of Data & Analytics

The Results

number of observations (2017-2021)
number of meetings held (2017-2021)
number of action steps taken (2017-2021)
Y-O-Y Increase in End Of Grade Scores (2017-2019)

*Comprehensive Network Performance

  • Supported rubrics and produced quality feedback.  
  • Complete teacher and coach fidelity to the Relay and SchoolMint systems.
  • Increased frequency and refinement of teacher coaching.
  • Enhanced coaches’ performances through coaching development. 
  • Increased and improved coaching communications during and after Covid transitions to virtual/hybrid/in-person learning using the “Video Hub” feature for digital observations, feedback, and ratings.
  • Improved schools’ academic performance year over year.  
  • Overall, created consistent coaching and development practices which improved teacher practice and school culture.

 “[SchoolMint] provided a way for chief school officers to look for trends across schools and create effective region-wide PD.” 

Benjamin Cabeza, Managing Director of Data & Analytics

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