Learn how SchoolMint’s turnkey enrollment system saved time and money, and improved data access for the LEARN Charter School Network. Chicago, IL

LEARN Charter School Network’s administrative team was spending an abundance of time and manpower each year managing the application and lottery process, as well as registering and enrolling its 4,000-plus students. The systems they had in place to conduct these various administrative tasks made the process cumbersome and required a combination of an automated and manual entry of student data, which often proved inefficient.

“During the application process, for example, parents and staff would have to input information multiple times if a student was applying to more than one of our nine schools,” said Alexx Poston, the network’s Assistant Director of Operations and Compliance. “Our schools don’t run in silos, so we needed a way to consolidate student information so we could better manage the application, lottery, registration, and enrollment process.”

SchoolMint provided LEARN with the cost-effective solution it needed to streamline its enrollment operations. The comprehensive system moved all of the application and registration processes completely online and, in turn, allowed the administrative team to more easily and quickly access and search student data and analyze trends. In addition, LEARN is now able to more effectively communicate to parents about the current status of their applications and offers, saving parents’ time and anxiety.

“We are saving so much time across the board,” said Poston. “The lottery process itself used to take two days and now it takes a total of 90 minutes, plus not as much planning is needed. It’s now turnkey.”

For a look at tech tools that helped LEARN Charter School Network save time and money and improve data access, view this webinar: Streamlining Your Application & Lottery Process.

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