District Facts

Location: Ogden, UT
7-9 Enrollment: 708
Title 1 School

Demographics: 53% of students in the district report being Hispanic, 40% White, 3% Multi-racial, 1.1% American Indian/Alaska Native, about .8% Asian and African American, and .6% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander. 100% of students in the district are eligible for free or reduced-cost lunch. Data retrieved from the National Center for Educational Statistics.

Mound Fort Junior High Aligns PBIS and Teacher Observation Efforts:

Improves School Climate and Teacher Recruitment

The Challenge

Mound Fort Junior High School in Ogden, Utah, was struggling to align its PBIS and teacher observation initiatives to improve positive school climate and culture. The positive behavior reinforcements were hard to track, too broad, lacked teacher and student buy-in, and always rewarded the same honor students. Their teacher observation efforts included cumbersome spreadsheets that were hard to manage and even harder to glean insights from. The leadership team needed a way to improve and align these two important initiatives. 

The Results

*Decreased disciplinary infractions by almost ⅓ year over year.

Using these platforms in tandem, allowed the Mound Fort Junior High School to create a Positive Classroom with a cohesive teacher/student effort using data cross-functionally. The student behavior data guides the teacher coaching initiatives. It has supported both teacher and student recruitment efforts and made them more competitive by going beyond academics to showcase a positive school culture. Mound Fort is on track to reach their behavior improvement goals and has even found that using these systems have aided in re-entry behavior reinforcements during transitioning from the virtual setting to in-person.

Both systems pushed us to improve student outcomes. Positive and effective teachers create better student outcomes; you can’t have one without the other.” -Ross Lunceford, Principal 

The Solution

First, they implemented a SchoolMint Hero, a behavior Accountability tool. They liked that they could reward positive behavior, redirect negative behavior, and none of it was intrusive to teachers’ workflows. Getting student buy-in was easy because they received points for positive behavior that could be redeemed for prizes, and teachers liked that they could track and measure changes in behavior. Next, school administrators implemented SchoolMint’s Teacher Coaching and Development platform to complement the positive outcomes they were seeing from their behavior management tool. They chose the SchoolMint platform to serve as the central hub for all of their observation data, quick feedback, and meeting notes. The platform was used to set goals and assign action steps, track progress, and measure growth. They especially appreciated that it was fully customizable to meet their needs.

Whetstone [by SchoolMint] created school-wide action steps to better target PD throughout the year.” -Ross Lunceford, Principal

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