Today marks a big day for SchoolMint. We begin the next chapter of our story — to extend the enrollment experience into the entire experience students and families have with school systems.

SchoolMint, along with Hero K12, is announcing that we will be joining forces to become part of an integrated EdTech Platform. This is a big step forward for us. We founded SchoolMint in 2013 with a mission to make all parent-student interactions delightful and insightful. As stewards of our company’s growth and impact, culture, and customer experience, we are thrilled that this merger enables us to further advance our mission, while gaining resources to help us scale and reach more families, in more communities, nationwide.

Since our founding just 4 years ago, we have seen significant shifts in our customer’s policies and approaches to enrollment. The era of students defaulting to one assigned neighborhood school is on the decline, replaced by empowerment and responsibility being granted to parents to choose a school from among multiple options. An increasing number of state laws now allow for students to attend any public school that has space available, regardless of where they live, and the variety of schools and academic programs available to families has never been more robust.

As a result of this paradigm shift, we see communities around the country demanding a more transparent, inclusive, and comprehensive enrollment process. More school system leaders consider enrollment to be a much more holistic experience than simply registration. This is very much in line with how we think about the enrollment experience –  which starts — before enrollment itself begins — with marketing and outreach, then transitions into application and registration, and spans a student’s entire time in that school system.

Hero K12 has a shared vision of establishing a more integrated student journey from outreach and enrollment to engagement and retention throughout the entire student experience with their school system. Hero K12 is a behavior management system that captures and collects data that recognizes and reinforces positive behavior.

SchoolMint Founders - We are Thrilled to Join the Hero K12 EdTech Platform Together, with Hero K12, we serve over 8,000 schools and more than 2 million students. We are humbled by this impact. And, with the benefit of the integrated platform, which will have an expanding set of complementary solutions, we are grateful for the opportunity to more deeply and expansively support school systems nationwide and the families that they serve.

This day would not have arrived had it not been for our employees, our partners, our investors, and the customers around the country who have relied on us to transform the enrollment experience for their staff, families, and communities. We thank you for your belief in us and look forward to strengthening our partnership in the years ahead.



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