District Facts

Location: New London, CT
K-12 Enrollment: 3,440
Staff: 314
Certified: 209 Teachers
Administrators: 17
Facilities/Buildings: 9

Demographics: 52.1% of students in the district reported being Hispanic, 17.6%African American, and 16.8% White. 21.6% reported being English Language Learners (ELL). 81.1% of students reported being economically disadvantaged.

Overcoming Funding Shortages with Online Student Enrollment Implementation

The Challenge

Facing a state takeover due to funding shortages, New London Public Schools desperately needed to increase revenue. As the town is only six square miles (less than 50% of which is taxable land), the district knew that turning to surrounding counties to grow their K-12 enrollment was the only way to make this happen. Once they received state approval to become the first interdistrict all-magnet district, the outreach and marketing work began; but they needed a way to streamline the process and manage all of the incoming data.

The Results (Data Points):

Straight Years of Consistent Growth
Total Enrollment Growth Since the 2012-2013 School Year
  • Adoption of a data-rich, highly configurable application and lottery program to streamline the student enrollment process.

  • Detailed snapshot of all applicants as they move through the process in real time, to provide informative communication and data insights.

  • Targeted outreach to minimize missed engagement of certain student populations and during lulls in the application process, in order to reach as many new students and families as possible.

The Solution

  1. Establish a plan to increase district enrollment numbers.
  2. Utilize a data-rich, customizable online platform to provide a streamlined process for identifying and enrolling new students.
  3. Guide students and families through the K-12 enrollment process using insightful data and communication.
  4. Monitor enrollment data in real-time to identify deficiencies and plan for future growth.