Center Facts

Location: New York, NY
Applicants: 19,000
Facilities/Buildings: 200+ charter campuses

NYC Charter School Center Uses Online Enrollment to Scale

The Challenge

Having outgrown previous systems, the New York City Charter School Center was in need of a new, streamlined and customizable system to effectively run its Common Online Charter School Application. They desired a system that was not only user friendly for families, but that would also scale with their continued growth into the future.

The Results (Data Points):

Charter Campuses Served
Applications Managed
  • Managed a large volume of student applications over a number of growing schools seamlessly.

  • A centralized, simplified system not only optimized the Center’s operations, but also saved money and staff time.

  • Online accessibility, including mobile functionality, provided the most user-friendly application experience for families served by the Center.

  • Increased communication with students and families to build engagement in the school choice process.

The Solution

  1. Determine deficiencies of previous systems and research new platforms.
  2. Utilize online and mobile processes to engage students and families in the process and facilitate communication.
  3. Manage up- to- date information to enable schools and families to make enrollment decisions in real time.
  4. Expand and tailor the system as needed to support new student growth and changing needs as time goes on.


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