The 411 on Federal Funding

The ever-increasing pressure to provide high-quality education, raise achievement for all students, and to close the achievement gap is daunting for education leaders. Navigating the number of supplemental funding resources aimed at helping you deliver research-based instruction, accountability, and student-family-teacher engagement to meet your goals can prove challenging.

We’ve put together an educator’s guide to navigating federal funding for programs that improve student outcomes and achievements. This guide contains program-level overview, eligibility, implementation, provisioning, and a look into how Hero by SchoolMint can fuel program success.

Program Overview

These sections include program-level goals and objectives. It will give you a look into the funding available for goal-aligned programs at the federal level. Here you can identify the programs that meet your schools’ unique opportunities and needs.

This section is a quick reference of programs designated towards:

  • Promoting lasting positive behaviors

  • Helping students meet academic standards

  • Focusing and optimizing your teams’ efforts

  • And more …


The Eligibility sections will help you understand which programs meet your schools’ achievement goals and will walk you through funding eligibility requirements.

This section is a quick reference to programs’:

  • General eligibility criteria

  • Designation of SEAs and/or LEAs

  • Application requirements & conditions

  • And other qualifying information

Funding Implementation

The Implementation sections highlight goals and criteria for result-driven programs and initiatives. It outlines requirements that ensure students are benefiting from the funds provided and that you’re able to demonstrate measurable results of improvement.

This section is a quick reference to goals and criteria around:

  • Remedial instruction

  • Early interventions services

  • Purchasing attendance support software

  • Strategies to assist with learning & behavior

  • And other implementation stipulations


The sections on Provisions outlines program-level eligibility and further qualifications. It delineates stipulations for surfacing required data, documentation, and/or showing program success.

This section is a quick reference to provisions on:

  • Data reporting and procedures

  • Addressing school improvement proposal

  • Evaluation for determining project successes

  • Community stakeholders Involved

  • And other federal funding requirements

How Hero Can Help

Funding dollars provided through grants and programs are to support state and local funds. Make every dollar count with Hero by SchoolMint, a platform built with student success at heart.

Hero can provide the help you need to improve your schools and prove the results. It can ensure your student achievement goals succeed and are implemented with consistency, fairness, and equity for all.

This section highlights where Hero:

  • Improves SEL competencies for students

  • Serves to provide positive behavior support

  • Supports MTSS & RTI systems for tiered intervention

  • Addresses chronic absenteeism, & reduces tardiness

  • And other school transformative goals

Our hope is that this guide will assist you in spending less time searching for the funds to make your programs possible and more time with your students, showing them what they can make possible.

Be the change you wish to see.

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