State-Level Funding Guide

The needs of all school organizations are unique–each student population has its own strengths that can be elevated and challenges that can require support. Improving student outcomes remains every educator’s goal as they narrate the story of their schools to their communities.

What will you improve? How do you get there?

Here, we’ll provide you with funding resources and information to assist you in meeting your goals to improve student outcomes. Your state’s guide to SEAs and LEAs funding contains programs-level overview, eligibility, implementation, provisionings, and a view into how Hero by SchoolMint can assist in meeting programs’ requirements.

Program Overview

The Overview section outlines program-level goals and objectives. With your vision for improving student outcomes in mind, this section can help you identify the programs that meet your schools’ unique challenges and needs.

State funding stipulations vary from state to state but all formulas for disbursement require clear delineation of how, what, and why programs are selected.

This section is a quick reference of programs designated towards:

  • At-risk students

  • Promoting lasting positive behaviors

  • Helping students overcome cultural and language barriers

  • Growing the number of school leaders

  • Helping students meet academic standards

  • And more …


The Eligibility sections will help you understand which programs meet your schools’ achievement goals and will walk you through funding eligibility requirements.

This section is a quick reference to programs’:

  • General eligibility criteria

  • Designation of SEAs and/or LEAs

  • Application requirements & conditions

  • And other qualifying information

Funding Implementation

The Implementation sections highlight the goals and criteria for result-driven programs and initiatives that meet grant-specific provisioning. This section will help gauge whether or not your key programs and initiatives are aligned with meeting your goals for improving student outcomes and achievements.

This section is a quick reference to goals and criteria around:

  • Remedial instruction

  • Bilingual and multicultural instruction

  • Early interventions services

  • Purchasing attendance support software

  • And other implementation stipulations


The sections on Provisions outlines program-level eligibility and further qualifications. It delineated stipulations for surfacing required data, documentation, and/or showing program success.

Reviewing and understanding the different provisions will save you time in the long run and could be the difference in securing your funding in a very competitive landscape.

This section is a quick reference to provisions on:

  • Data reporting and procedures

  • Addressing school improvement proposal

  • Evaluation for determining project successes

  • Community stakeholders Involved

  • And other state education board requirements

How Hero Can Help

Our hope is that this guide will assist you in spending less time searching for the funds to make your programs possible and more time with your students, showing them what they can make possible.

Hero by SchoolMint can provide the help you need to improve your schools and prove the results. It can ensure your student achievement goals succeed and are implemented with consistency, fairness, and equity for all.

This section highlights where Hero:

  • Improves SEL competencies for students

  • Serves to provide positive behavior support

  • Supports MTSS & RTI systems for tiered intervention

  • Addresses chronic absenteeism, & reduces tardiness

  • Improves school climate

  • And other school transformative goals

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