The Positive
& Engaged Classroom

Positive, engaged classrooms drastically improve student outcomes. That’s why school climate and culture is one of the key factors families use when choosing a school.

Why Positive Classrooms?

Positive classrooms have a dual benefit: they amplify students’ social-emotional learning and make teachers feel supported and respected. In turn, your teacher, student, and family satisfaction rates will increase, improving retention across the board.

Positive interaction ratio needed to improve student-teacher relationships and school climate
Percentage of teachers considering leaving the profession
Average cost to recruit each new teacher
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Positive Classroom Solutions

SchoolMint offers three customizable platforms for managing student data, student behavior, and supporting teachers’ professional growth. With these solutions, gone are the days of paper tracking or storing information in various locations. Boost your efficiency and save time with these three digital platforms:

Student Behavior Management

Offering behavior management and tardy improvement, SchoolMint Hero unites your campus behind one plan. This platform enables teachers and administrators to recognize good behavior, improve students’ mental health, and support a PBIS framework in your school.

  • Track tardies digitally, stopping chronic tardiness before it becomes chronic absenteeism
  • Create and enforce fair, equitable discipline across campus according to your policies
  • Define and set clear, consistent expectations around behavior for teachers, students, and administration
  • Incentivize students using the platform’s virtual points system, which translates well to real-life rewards
  • Use data insights to monitor your school’s behavior trends and determine what’s working
  • Engage directly with families about their child’s behavior — both negative and positive
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Instructional Coaching and Professional Development

One platform for observing classrooms, supporting teachers’ professional development, and conducting your formal or informal processes: SchoolMint Grow. Grow supports teacher growth, letting you provide individual feedback for each educator.

  • Set actions steps and mastery goals, slowly cultivating a culture of feedback
  • Leave quick feedback (think: digital post-it notes) and time-stamped notes
  • Extract data to track, manage, and report on teachers’ development over time
  • Collaborate on and share lesson plans, use your school’s forms/rubrics, and more
  • Sync with your Google or Outlook calendar to easily schedule meetings, observations, and other activities
  • Record, share, and upload videos with the mobile video app

Student Data Management

A single system that supports entry, analysis, and insights for every type of data important to your school – from individual students up to the district level – and lets you determine what should be standardized across your schools. Schoolrunner unites academic, behavioral, and cultural data across your schools. Your district and school staff all work together to support your students, and your data can as well.

  • One system, multiple schools. Academic, behavioral, and cultural data in one place
  • Standardized data. One set of metrics across all of your schools
  • Message parents and guardians directly in families home language
  • Log call notes with a voice recording or through a few clicks
  • Track the behaviors most important to your school and school culture
  • Powerful reporting so you can see the trends across schools or courses or students
  • Identify at-risk students by analyzing their grades, attendance, and behavioral data
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Mound Fort Junior High Aligns PBIS and Teacher Observation Efforts:

Improves School Climate and Teacher Recruitment

Both systems pushed us to improve student outcomes. Positive and effective teachers create better student outcomes; you can’t have one without the other.”

Ross Lunceford, Principal

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