Tardy Tracking

Imagine a school where on-time arrival was a reality for all students.

We believe that students will be on time for school when they are held accountable.

With manually-written tardy passes, it’s easy to slip through the cracks. Hero allows administrators to scan an ID card or look up a student by name and immediately print out a tardy slip. A ten-second process, start-to-finish. And the student’s track record is stored within the system, so appropriate redirection can be initiated. So if your school issues detentions on the fifth tardy, and Jane just came in late for the fourth time, she will see her status on her printed slip and her advisor will receive a notification. There is no more gray area—no more uncertainty. There is instead complete accountability and opportunities for redirection and communication between school and home. Jane now knows that the next time she’s late, there will be a consequence. So she continues to arrive to school on time.

This isn’t just a theory. Our customers are evidence that it’s true.

In schools that have implemented our solutions, students are arriving to school on-time and ready to learn. And there are over a thousand more schools that can attest to how Hero’s tardy-tracking system works.

Principal matters theory

“Tardies? What are tardies? I’ve forgotten the concept.”
– Creekside Middle School, CA

Referral Writing

Imagine a 20 second process replacing the 20 minutes it now takes to write a referral.

We know you have better things to do with your time than write referrals.

It’s no secret that referral writing is one of the most dreaded and time-consuming aspects of school discipline. The log books, the pulling of records, the hand-written slips. It’s a hassle. With Hero, behavior tracking is automated, so issuing a referral is as easy as scanning a student ID or selecting the student on your computer. The student’s history is saved, so consequences are automatically tallied and issued, if applicable. So if this is Joey’s third conduct disorder incident (and in your school that means in-school suspension) a notification will inform you and will let Joey and his parents know, too. The whole process takes 20 seconds, allowing you to focus on your other responsibilities.

With Hero, you could save your school over 98 days a year.

This study* puts the process of manual referral-writing into perspective:

Principal matters numbers

“Eliminates the tedious paperwork.”
– Shelby County Schools, TN


Do you have an issue with bullying? We sure do, too!

We understand bullying is a deeply complex issue. We can help curb its influence.

As principals, what can you do to help protect your students? At Hero, we believe accurate, consistent behavior tracking is one way to help reduce bullying. Our solutions are mobile, allowing administrators the ability to document incidents from their smartphones or tablets. So if a passing teacher sees Joey tormenting Jose by the lockers, the episode can be documented instantly. This makes consistent interventions more likely, which, on its own, will reduce bullying by 10%. And student data is saved in The Cloud, so over time you can analyze patterns. Who are the usual perpetrators? The victims? Where are the hotspots in your school? This data can be effortlessly reported to the state and allows you to identify and allocate resources where they can be most useful, helping to prevent and ameliorate bullying in your school.

The statistics bring into focus the current climate:

Principal matters stats

Of course, we know systemic reductions of bullying only happen when a Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports program is implemented with fidelity.

“An excellent solution for many of the problems we face in schools today.”
– Choctawhatchee High School, FL

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

Recognize your students for doing the right thing. The results may astound you.

We believe focusing on the good will help eliminate the not-so-good.

Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) is one way principals are systemically and proactively improving school climate. By using students’ natural proclivity for recognition, PBIS acknowledges and catalyzes positive behavior, leading to decreased negative incidents and more learning in the classroom. Through automation, Hero helps schools overcome one of the major roadblocks of PBIS program implementation: investment of time. Hero replaces manual tracking procedures— such as handwritten log sheets—with a cloud-based solution. So acknowledging an occurrence is as simple as scanning an ID card from your mobile device or selecting the students on your desktop computer. This data is collected and stored so trends can be uncovered over time, and students can be issued merits (such as Positive Points, a Lunch Line Fast Pass, or access to a special event) as soon as they’ve earned them.

The results speak for themselves:

88% improvement seen in just 5 months

Principal matters improvement

We hope that schools will begin utilizing solutions to make PBIS programs a more integral and intuitive part of the curriculum. Instruction time would increase, the need for behavior management would decrease, and the classroom would become a more positive and proactive environment. There is no better time than the present to be the change.

“The difference has been night and day.”
– Malvern High School, AR

Event Management

A clip board and attendance paperwork are not proper event attire.

Picture checking students in and out of school events with a smartphone.

Hero allows you to effortlessly manage events by signing students in and out from your mobile device. The attendance data is then stored in The Cloud, keeping a more efficient, reliable account of the event’s attendees. By automating the process of tracking attendance, you never have to take a field trip roll call again. The module also fits into the bigger picture of PBIS. If Jody has an unserved detention, the administrator will know when she tries to enter the dance, and can subsequently deny her access. But Justin? He’s tardy-free this semester, so he is signed in and on his way to the dance floor in under a minute. Attendance tracking and positive behavior reinforcement: it’s a win-win.

We don’t define what an “event” is, We just help you manage it.

Principal events

There are countless other event and activity scenarios that may be applicable to your school. We’ll help you track those, too.

“One less thing to do.”
– Griffin High School, GA

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