The Power of Enrollment Insights in SchoolMint – Video Blog

Genny Orr, Product Marketing Manager


Automating the K-12 student enrollment process brings more access to real-time data. But what does that really mean for school administrators? How can they make the most of the data at their fingertips?

SchoolMint’s reporting tools can turn your enrollment data from a burden to a trusted resource. With our real-time dashboards and reports, you can save time on manual work while generating new insights to improve your enrollment process and decision-making. Check out this video to learn how to:

  • Track students’ progress through every stage of your enrollment process;
  • See where your students live to inform outreach, transportation, and operational planning;
  • Filter by demographics and other factors to identify any gaps in your process;
  • Measure the effectiveness of each of your family outreach channels; and
  • Avoid manual work with reports that will do it for you!



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