District Facts

Location: Rockdale, TX
6-8 Enrollment: 348

Demographics: 65% of students in the district report being White, 28% Hispanic or Latino, 6% Black, and 1% Multi-racial. Data retrieved from the National Center for Educational Statistics.

Rockdale Junior High Improves Teacher Retention Using Student Behavior Management Platform

The Challenge

Rockdale Junior High School in Rockdale, TX was similar to many other junior high schools across the country; they struggled to manage and reinforce positive behavior standards within the student body.  Rockdale lacked structure, efficient tracking mechanisms, and consistency around the language used with behavior management. The Principal, Kelly Blair, said, “We tried several different methods, including giving strikes and using spreadsheets and documents to track it, but they were timely and none of them were consistent.” She also mentioned the school wasn’t influencing many positive behaviors by a focused reward incentive for them, nor were they using a well-defined target behavior system. Equity in disciplinary infractions was skewed, as the same students were referred over and over. Overall, teachers were having difficulty maintaining controlled classrooms and behavior expectations, which led to teacher job dissatisfaction.

The Results

of students on task & engaged
teacher retention (3/1/21)
positive behaviors recorded (Q1)
teacher fidelity to Hero
  • Saved time and set clear expectations through target behaviors. 
  • Behavior reinforcement became consistent and was housed all in one place. 
  • Supported teacher and classroom morale, while creating positive, controlled classrooms.
  • Increase in positive rewards and a major decline in negative infractions to the tune of a 20:1 ratio.
  • Created teacher to teacher accountability with fidelity to the system.
  • Increased classroom morale, engagement, and supported SEL needs for all. 
  • Served as a conversation starter on behavior occurrences between teachers/admins and the students.

 “I 100% recommend using [SchoolMint] and don’t see why any middle school wouldn’t.”

Kelly Blair, Principal

The Solution

  • Implement Hero, by SchoolMint to become measurable and data-driven. 
  • Champion and train the right teachers early on to reduce teacher resistance.
  • Define behavior expectations, start slow and evolve them over time.
  • Improve parent communications with tangible data points.  
  • Use behavior data to support coaching initiatives and PD.
  • Train students to teach incoming 6th-grade students about Hero.
  • Using Title 1 funds that are more difficult to otherwise spend on a behavior management tool. 
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