District Facts

Location: San Anselmo, CA
K-8 Enrollment: 2,100
Staff: Not Noted
Certified: 132
Administrators: Not Noted
Facilities/Buildings: 5

Demographics: Approximately 77.8% of students in the district reported being White, 10.9% Hispanic, and 1.1% African American. Approximately 3.2% reported being English Language Learners (ELL). Approximately 10.1% of students reported being economically disadvantaged.

Automated Student Registration Leads To Improved Parent Communications

The Challenge

Ross Valley School District (RVSD) was unsatisfied with the same time-consuming, inefficient, paper-based enrollment system they had been using for years, so they  began the search for a more efficient process.  “Our parents are tech-savvy, yet we were making them complete the registration process and fill out school forms in an old-school way,” said Marci Trahan, assistant superintendent of RVSD and 25-year veteran of the district. “We needed something faster and easier. We needed a way to automate these back-office operations so that our interactions with parents could be focused solely on more substantive topics,” she added.

The Results (Quote):

“We wanted it to be easier for families to fill out forms, add multiple children, and make updates each year without having to completely repeat the entire process again. SchoolMint provided us this flexibility.”

Marci Trahan, Assistant Superintendent of Ross Valley School District
  • Mobile accessibility increased communication with parents and families.

  • Utilization of one integrated online platform saved both parents and administrators valuable time throughout the entire process.

  • Improved efficiency and allowed immediate access to important enrollment data.

The Solution

  1. Assess the  current enrollment processes , identify shortcomings take action to mitigate barriers for families.
  2. Utilize an online data management system to integrate data and modernize the student registration process.
  3. Highly configurable system to meet individual district and school needs.
  4. Guide enrollment decisions through the use of real-time data and communicate effectively with students and families.