April 2018 – San Francisco, CA – WAY, Widening Advancements for Youth, partners with SchoolMint and implements SchoolMint Enrollment Management, an online enrollment solution, for the families and school district staff for the students it serves. The online solution will facilitate registration and re-enrollment year to year, streamlining school operations to improve efficiency from enrollment to graduation and eliminate access concerns with a multilingual, mobile-friendly app that allows families to complete digital registration packets with their smartphones.

“It became necessary to evaluate the benefits of an online solution for our network of schools. To make the registration process friendly, and efficient for families, manageable for staff and cost effective were paramount in the decision making process.” stated Mr. Brett Emil, Director of Development at WAY. “With SchoolMint Enrollment Management, we are able to provide customer service to our families and gain real-time insight into enrollment number ebbs and flows for better operational management.” Using SchoolMint, families who have more than one child in the district can prefill data from one student to another. The data submitted by families is reviewed, verified, and formatted to meet school policies.

“To have a way to see the big picture and projected enrollment numbers throughout the enrollment window will allow us to better serve our students ,” stated Mr. Emil. “Having this critical information in a timely manner allows us to allocate resources appropriately. We can look at the enrollment numbers and ensure we are meeting the needs of all our students.”

SchoolMint is thrilled to partner with WAY.

About WAY
WAY, Widening Advancements for Youth, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Public Charity organization founded in 2009 by Beth Baker and Glen Taylor to provide a personalized learning experience for all students. WAY manages a network of public charter schools including WAY Academy.
Founded in 2013, WAY Academy serves grades 6-12 on three campuses in Metro Detroit. WAY Academy’s are a tuition-free Public School Academy’s serving students and their families through a blended learning model. Our schools are authorized by Lake Superior State University according to the Michigan Revised School Code.

About SchoolMint
SchoolMint is the leader in strategic enrollment management software for Pre-K-12 schools nationwide. Over 7,500 schools use our products to improve student enrollment, registration, application, lottery, and school choice for families. SchoolMint’s mission is to improve the whole student journey and better connect schools with families.Founded in 2013, SchoolMint, along with Hero K12, is a subsidiary of EdTech Holdings (backed by BV Investment Partners). @School_Mint

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