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Learn more about the thought behind the product’s new name, SchoolMint Grow.

We’re excited to announce that today is the official launch of a new look and name for one of SchoolMint’s positive classroom solutions, Whetstone. While still the same platform you know and love, it’s gotten some small changes so as to better align with SchoolMint’s brand identity and new branding convention. You can see similar new naming conventions with SchoolMint Enroll and SchoolMint Connect. Curious about all the new names and colors you’re seeing? Let’s get acquainted!

Say Hello to SchoolMint Grow

SchoolMint acquired the teacher coaching and classroom observation platform Whetstone Education in January 2021. With that acquisition came an issue of identity. When two companies come together, so do two brands. Rather than having Whetstone continue to feel like a separate entity, we wanted to better align the platform with SchoolMint.

So say hello to SchoolMint Grow — formerly known as Whetstone!

While we understand you may have concerns about these changes, we want all SchoolMint partners to know that this will not affect your software’s functionality. The new names and colors you’ll be seeing in the coming weeks and months are purely aesthetic. New name; same great product!

As always, we’re here for any questions you may have. New to SchoolMint? Contact us to learn more about our products and services. For current customers with questions or concerns, reach out to your Customer Success Representative or get in contact with us below!

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