District Facts

Location: Kansas City, MO

One Application to Unite Them All: Organization Aids Schools with Centralized Enrollment System

The Challenge

With an overwhelming  choice of over 90 K-12 district, charter, and private schools, a nonprofit called Show Me KC Schools was formed to assist students and families in Kansas City Missouri with their search for the right educational environment. The biggest hurdle: complicated school applications and procedures that varied with each and every school. Navigating this process took time and resources, which not all families had. So Show Me KC Schools decided to offer families a common process.

The Results (Data Points):

Schools Served on One Platform
Of Applicants in the First 4 Months Represented Ethnicities Other than Caucasian
  • Launched the SchoolAppKC as a simple, online application available to families and participating schools.

  • Optimized their process for use with both mobile phones and computers, to increase accessibility to families and create a more equitable process.

  • Provided transparency in the process and increased communication and engagement with students and families.

  • Shared data among schools to help under-enrolled schools identify possible new students.

  • Increased stability in enrollment numbers by going through the process earlier in the spring, months before it would have occurred previously.

The Solution

  1. Work with schools to employ a centralized enrollment system.
  2. Utilize an online platform to execute the system and provide greater access.
  3. Communicate with students and families throughout the process using real-time data and information.
  4. Manage and share data in order to fill open seats and guide future student enrollment decisions.

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